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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Baru-baru ini, ada tulisanku tentang Pemilu 2009 Indonesia di milis iscab

Tentang perbandingan prediksi Pemilu 2009, yang bernama Quick Count dan Quick Report, bisa dilihat di milis iscab (dan milis PPI Jerman).

Tulisan tersebut merupakan revisi dari tulisan sebelumnya di milis iscab dan milis PPI Jerman.

Tentang IT KPU 2009 bisa dibaca di milis iscab dan milis PPI Jerman, yang akan mengarah ke tulisan Rahmat Zikri, yang dulu menjadi tim IT KPU 2004.

– miliscab –

Api itu ada di sini.

Fire my desire…
I’m on fire…
for my desire…

I remember the movie “Seven years in Tibet”, which have Brad Pitt inside. That movie has nothing to do with this writing. :-))

OK, seriously.

It’s been 3 years now. I remember the day I arrived in Bremen. It was Monday, 3rd of April 2006. The temperatur was 7 degree of Celcius. It was too cold for me. Well, after 3 years, I am getting used to the cold weather in Europe.

Last friday, on 3rd of April 2009, I celebrated the “3 Years in Bremen” by having a new haircut. I wanted to have a new look as a symbol of a kind of new “Me”.

What the hell is a new “Me”?

I’ve spent those 3 years with fear, doubt, sloth, procrastination and no life purpose. My master study in Bremen is not completed. But now I am waiting for my master project presentation date. This presentation will end those sufferings. I found it hard to do my master project. I had to learn the real C++. I am fast in learning human language but very slow in learning programming language. I do not have a confidence with computers, programming and stuffs.

I also have fear of going back to Indonesia. I have a picture of working with big burden, visious colleges and low wages. If I go back to Indonesia as soon as I graduate as a master student, I am afraid that I will suffer.

These 3 years, I contemplated. I wanted to know what is my purpose in life, what the future I want to build, what kind of Condro I want to be and so on and so on. I do not know exactly what I want to be. But I know that I want to finish this master program with an improved ability in C++ and Latex programming language. And then I want to continue to doctoral study. I do not know where but I will find my way. Now, my self confidence is back. Nothing can stop me but myself. Obstacles have no longer any meaning for me. Carpe Diem!

So I celebrate the new “Me” by having a new haircut. Next week is Easter. I want to celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ from death as well as the return of my self confidence and my motivation. Condro, the Fighter, is back. Condro, the Loser, is dead.

I write this writing also in Indonesian dan in German on other blogs.

I remember the day when I was first year student in my bachelor program in the Electrical Engineering of Institut Teknologi Bandung. There were poetry and words to motivate myself. They remind me to live on those words at this time.

Carpe Diem
with pride, I go
I walk my way
I seize my days
Someday I’ll show
that nothing can stop me but myself

OK, Champs!
Elektro… Elektro… Elektro…

ELEKTRO, We can Fight!

Yes, I am now a fighter. Obstacles are just lame jokes.

Condro strikes back!

Return of the Condro.