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This is a short video of Brain Computer Interface research in Bandung, Indonesia.

The research is conducted in the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (STEI) in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).


standard 10-20 system of electrode placement for EEG


On my Brain Robot Blog, I start writing about mind reading using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). There is a mailing list about it. I found something interesting in IEEE Spectrum about Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) in the 19th century.

Just visit my blog!

I have just made a new blog called Brain Robot Research. This blog is about brain-computer interface, brain robot and brain machine interaction. I did my master project in the BrainRobot research group of the Institute für Automatissierungstechnik (IAT) in the Universität Bremen. So some of my experiences will be put in this blog. I am also “doing” my master thesis there at the time I write this.

The link adress is if you would like to see.

The first writing is The First Neuron, as an introduction. The other postings are about my experience with BrainRobot in the CeBit 2008 in Hannover. They are

The postings told too much about the past this time. I will make the following posting about the future of this brain research.


Im CeBit 2008 sind BrainRobot Forschungsgruppe von der IAT der Universität Bremen nach Hannover gefahren. IAT ist Institute für Automatissierungstechnik an der Universität Bremen. Ich habe in dieser Gruppe teilgenommen.  Der Schwerpunkt der unseren Forschung ist BCI (Brain-Computer Interface oder Gehirn-Komputer Schnittstelle).

Ich schreibe meine Erfahrung mit ihr in diesem Blog. Viel Spaß!